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Transfer of Technology

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About Us
Cover crop planting at Felda Cuping, Perlis

Transfer of Technology (TOT) is an important function of MRB where R & D findings are promptly disseminated to the industry for adoption. The mission in TOT is to enhance NR productivity so as to improve the socio-economic well-being of rubber entrepreneurs through effective use of NR technologies.

The Malaysian NR industry is currently being dominated by the smallholders� sector which accounted for 92% of the total planted area and contributed 92% of the total production. As the industry provides a livelihood to a large proportion of the rural population, it will continue to play a major role in the national economy as well as on the social well-being of its dependents.Demonstration to client

TOT Mechanism

New technologies derived from R & D are transferred to the clients through several approaches. MRB through its publications and the mass media regularly publicise its technologies and findings for public information and awareness. In addition, conferences, seminars and colloquia are often held for specific target audience.

Specifically for smallholders, close interaction exists between MRB and the implementing agencies such as RISDA, FELCRA and FELDA. While regular joint TOT committees meet at the national, state and district levels to plan and implement TOT activities, direct involvement of researchers to adapt new technologies to the environment are also encouraged.

Group Processing Centre To speed up the process of technology transfer, pamphlets and bulletins are periodically updated, published and distributed to the various agencies and target audience through MRB regional set up. Development Projects such as on GUP and LTC�s are jointly conducted and are closely monitored. Demonstration and nucleus plots are also established to lure would be users to have a first-hand experience on the technologies.

Source Bush Nursery To meet the regional development requirements, MRB had established four mini stations (RRIMINIS) to cater for adaptive research and technology practices for direct access to the clients within the region.

Applications of gas for G-Flex Technique In an attempt not to restrict smallholders� role only as rubber producers, the technology division of MRB together with the regional offices will identify, groom and provide assistance to interested smallholders/entrepreneurs to venture into rubber small and medium scale industry in value added rubber products manufacturing.

Rubber products manufacturing has become an important industry in Malaysia. MRB has played a significant role to promote the rubber-based industry. MRB shall continue to play an active role on TOT in the downstream sector.

To ensure quality in planting materials and processing factories as well as regulated tradings of rubber produced, systematic registration and liberal licensing policies are pursued and implemented from time to time.

Relevant Technologies for Adoption

MRB, through years of R & D activities has a compendium of technologies relevant to the specific issues mentioned which are packaged to address these problems.

Reduction of Immaturity Period
  • Quality planting materials
  • Clones 2000 and 3000 Series
  • Young buddings
  • Cover crops
  • Discriminatory fertiliser application
  • Disease control
  • Weed control
  • Controlled pruning
Increasing Productivity
  • Latex timber clones (LTC�s)
  • Discriminatory fertiliser application
  • Disease and weed control
  • Low intensity tapping systems (LITS)
Labour Saving Technologies
  • Slow release fertiliser application
  • Novel exploitation system (LITS, LELICS, DOL)
  • Soil drenching of fungicide for root diseases
  • Mechanisation for weed and disease control and fertiliser application
Reducing Cost of Production
  • Young buddings
  • LITS
  • DOL
Increasing Income
  • Hedge planting
  • Mixed farming
  • Use of LTC�s
  • A vast range of rubber products manufacturing as well as rubber technology
  • Advisory and consultancy services.

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