E-Claim Bags Gold at Malaysia Technology Expo 2010 (MTE 2010)

5 February 2010 – MRB had successfully clinched a gold medal for its E-Claim innovation at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2010. E-Claim was developed by the Finance and Accounts Unit with their technology partner C-Works Mobile Sdn Bhd. This innovative system provides an online platform for MRB staff to make their claims efficiently with accurate calculation of all eligibilities and requirements. The system encompasses advances, traveling claims reimbursement and overtime calculations. Currently, MRB is the only government agency using an electronic system for staff claims. E-Claim has also been assessed and approved by the Anti Corruption Commission as a safe and transparent online system.

E-Claim is a web based application that can be used at anytime and anywhere. With just one click, users will be able to register, process and approve claims in a timely and paperless manner, with comprehensive reports and data readily available upon request. It is hoped that one day a paperless environment will be created by using E-Claim in all government civil services. By winning the gold medal at MTE 2010, MRB will bring E-Claim to MAMPU and MOF to further promote this system at higher levels.

For more information on the E-Claim system, please call 03-9206 3601/3602/3603 En. Azhan Haris Ajidan/En. Junaidi Ismail/RRIMCorp.

e-Claim MTE 2010 Team