Town Hall Session With The Director General Of Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) (1/2020)

On January 22, 2020, the first Town Hall Session for 2020 with the Director General of MRB (No. 1/2020) was held at the Auditorium, Akademi Hevea Malaysia, Sg. Buloh. About 200 employees attended the programme, inclusive of Higher Management, officers and support staff. The town hall session serves as an efficient and interactive platform which provides a direct channel of communication between employees and the management to share information and updates, in addition to the opportunity to raise various queries and their own perspectives.

The first town hall session for 2020 was focused on restructuring activities of the Divisions and Units within MRB, in an effort to create better administration and effective governance in line with MRB’s current business operations. Subsequently, information with regard to the latest standard of procedures for procurement, as well as the physical and document security aspects were delivered for early preparation and further action by all relevant parties. At the end of the session, participants were asked to sign a letter pertaining to MRB’s intellectual property rights, as a gentle reminder and clear signal for MRB employees to comply with all enforced policies / procedures / regulations / circulars

YH Dato ’Zairossani officiated the Town Hall Session

Among the officers who attended the Town Hall Session.

Q&A Session