2019 IMPAC Certificate Awards Ceremony

The 2019 IMPAC (MAI) Awards Ceremony organized by the Plantation and Commodity Institute (IMPAC) was held on 12 December, 2019, Thursday at the Hotel Tenera, Bangi in Selangor.

The ceremony was officiated by Minister of Primary Industries (MPI), YB Mdm Teresa Kok Suh Sim and was also attended by Deputy Minister of MPI YB Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, IMPAC Board members, senior officer of Minister, agency representatives, industry players, fellow lecturers, students and parents.

MAI 2019 was held to celebrate the success of students who have completed their studies at the training centers of agencies under MPI. From MRB, 8 students who undertook the Certificate in Rubber Technology (STG) programme 2017/2019 successfully completed their studies at the Academy Hevea Malaysia (AHM). These 8 students have received their certificates from YB Deputy Minister of MPI. Among the 8, Ainnur Zuhairah Bt Jamal Hurri was honored as recipient of the IMPAC Chairman’s Award for outstanding academic achievement throughout the course. She received a token of RM500, together with a plaque and a certificate of appreciation from MRB.

In addition, the event included presentation of the National Occupational Skills Standard Document (NOSS) by IMPAC as the Industry Leading Body (ILB) to the JPK. Other than that, MRB will receive two NOSS documents namely, the Malaysian Rubber Product Manufacturing Administration Level 4 Diploma in Malaysian Skills Programme (DKM) and the Dry Rubber Product Manufacturing Management (DLKM) Level 5. This is a result of MRB’s direct involvement in the NOSS process development together with consultants appointed by IMPAC.

Overall, graduates of the STG programme are potential contributors toward development of the national rubber industry. They are equipped with both skilled labor and knowledge of the production process in the relevant companies. As of 2019, 73 students have participated in the programme and successfully completed their studies while some of them have secured employment in rubber products manufacturing and natural rubber manufacturing sectors.

Recipients/Graduates of the Certificate in Rubber Technology for the 2017/2019 Session

Recipient of IMPAC Chairman Award with the YB Deputy Minister of MPI

A photo session for Rubber Certificate Certificate Graduates, with lecturers and MRB Higher Management

Acceptance of the NOSS document by YB Minister of MPI