Thai Embassy Visit To Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB)

On September 11, 2019, at the International Rubber Product Exhibition Center (IRPEC), MRB had received a visit from Thai Embassy’s representatives, which aims to establish an information sharing relationship. Their delegation was led by Pn. Patcha Wutipan, who is the counselor for the relevant ministers.

The tour started with a dialogue session led by Dr. Mok Kok Long, Officer in charge of Director of Technology and Engineering (BTK), whom also accompanied by his officers. Matters and issues related to the rubber industry for both countries have been the topic of discussions in finding for new solutions as well as injections of ideas that could benefit the rubber industry for both countries.

At the end of the visit, delegates also paid a visit to IRPEC’s exhibition spaces, that housed more than 3,000 types of rubber products from the downstream sectors such as maritime, medical, sports, automotive and mining. IRPEC is an entity formed by MRB to provide support assistance to promote the growth of the rubber-based industry, offer reference and platform of information, and provides technical advisory services supported by expert researchers.

Discussion session with Dr Mok Mok Kok Long

Delegates were taken to visit around IRRPEC

A photo session with the delegation