Participation Of LGM In The International Agricultural Agriculture Technology Malaysia (AGRI MALAYSIA)

The 4th edition of the Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition (Agri Malaysia) was held on September 26 – 28, 2019 at the Setia City Convention Centre, in Shah Alam, Selangor. Agri Malaysia is an internationally recognized by the agricultural community, as it not only the best trade platform for agriculture-related industry players to explore business opportunities and feature it latest products and services, but it also provides a holistic landscape for an effective learning towards the industry stakeholders to gain useful knowledge and market information.

This year, Agri Malaysia is themed ‘Cultivating Ideas for Growth’, with an aim of taking the exhibition to a greater heights with enriched content and exhibits to inspire the agricultural industry and its related sectors to break new ground and push the limits. In line with the theme and objectives, Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) has participated and utilized this event as medium to introduce its innovation named NR Paint and Color (NRPC) as well as NR Adhesive (NRA). NRPC which is water based paint and color for artwork, exterior and interior applications made from specialty natural rubber latex. Meanwhile, NRA is a product that has dual application of adhesive for wallpaper and stationery as well as a medium for art and coloring. On top of that, MRB also presented some others innovation such as I-klon (Image Recognition System for Hevea Clones), RITes (Rubber Information and Traceability System), RRIM Hydrobest (Latex Stimulant with Water Based Formulation) and Transgenic Rubber Trees.

This three-day exhibition has attracted many parties to visit the MRB’s booth. Various questions regarding the current’s invention and innovation of MRB have been received especially from the industrial players. Several companies and individuals have also expressed their interest to hold meetings and discussions with MRB for further enlightenment. It is hoped that these meetings and discussions will lead both parties towards commercialization of new products that have been produced and will indirectly giving a positive value to the rubber industry by enlarging the market size as well as increasing the country's income.

Visitors who are fascinated and having interest to find out more about RRIM Hydrobest product.

Visitors are also not missed the opportunity to try out the NR Paint and Color product.