Visit by the Philippines South-South Knowledge Exchange to Malaysian Rubber Board Research Station, Sg Buloh, Selangor

On 17 January 2019, the delegations from the Philippines South-South Knowledge Exchange and representatives from the World Bank visited MRB Research Station in Sg Buloh, Selangor. MRB was represented by Dr Suarni Sumormo, Deputy Director General (Policy and Operations) Dr Mohd Nasaruddin Mohd Aris, Director Production Development Division, as well as other senior officers of MRB.

A visit to the MRB Research Station in Sungai Buloh is part of the Knowledge Exchange Visits (KEV) or bilateral visits between Malaysian and the Philippines. Currently, the World Bank is conducting a study on “Agricultural Transformation and Inclusive Growth in Malaysia. Hence, this visit will serve as a platform for both countries to share experiences and knowledge on the development and transformation in the agricultural sector.

In 2018, Malaysia’s export of rubber and rubber product to Philippines was recorded at RM 221.6 million, an increase of 4.5% from RM 212 million in 2017 while imports of rubber and rubber products from the Philippines was at RM 317 million, a decrease of 48% from RM 604 million in 2017.

The delegation also toured the International Rubber Product Exhibition Centre (IRPEC), where 2,800 rubber products are being displayed and also had the opportunity to see the rubber tree tapping demonstration at Akademi Hevea Malaysia (AHM).

Dr Suarni Sumormo, MRB Deputy Director General (Policy & Operations) presenting the MRB Functions and R&D activities

Dr Suarni Sumormo presenting a token of appreciation to Dir. Nieva T. Natural, Director, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Staff, National Economic and Development Authority of Philippines.

Dr Shamsul Kamaruddin giving his talks to the delegates regarding the R&D activities carried out in his laboratory

Dr Suarni Sumormo with the delegates from the Philippines South-South Knowledge Exchange Programme

Tapping demonstration by one of the delegations

Dr Muhammad Akbar giving the briefing about the Hydrobest and Mortex stimulation.

Delegation touring IRPEC as one of the programmes