IRSG Secretary-General Visits MRB

Chairman of Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), Mr Sankara N. Nair received a courtesy visit by Mr Salvatore Pinizzotto, Secretary-General of International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) on 31st October. The IRSG is an inter-governmental organisation composed of rubber producing and consuming stakeholders. With the current membership of 36 member countries and 120 industry members, IRSG facilitates the interaction between the industry and member countries involved in the rubber industry. Among the matters discussed is the membership of producers in IRSG and Malaysia’s role in the global rubber industry.

Mr Sankara Nair, Chairman of MRB was also accompanied by Dr Suarni Sumormo, Deputy Director General, Policy and Operations (P&O) and Mr Ang Chai Seng, Director of Economic and Rubber Exchange.

Presentation of souvenir to Mr Salvatore Pinizzotto, the Secretary-General of International Rubber Study Group (IRSG).