Appointment of YBrs Dr Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim as Deputy Director- General (Research & Innovation) of Malaysian Rubber Board

The Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) wishes to announce the appointment of YBrs Dr Amir Hashim Md Yatim as Deputy Director-General (Research & Innovation) effective July 12, 2018.

YBrs Dr Amir has extensive experience in natural rubber research, especially in the latex goods sector and has a brilliant career in the rubber industry. He has led several major R & D programs at the national level in developing the rubber industry, and has more than 100 research papers, seven patents, commercialization of three projects and eight consultative work involving the private sector.

He is widely involved in latex science and technology research and latex products and is responsible for research and innovation planning in the downstream sector. Dr Amir has served as the Head of Latex Unit and Director of Centre of Excellence before assuming the position of Director of Technology and Engineering on 1st November 2015. YBrs Dr Amir started his career with the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia in 1989. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from Wichita State University, followed by a Master Degree also in Chemistry from Pittsburg State University in the USA. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy, Latex Technology in 1998 from the University of North London, United Kingdom.

Dr Amir was elected as a Fellow of the Malaysian Academy of Sciences for his contribution and leadership in science and technology that has successfully positioned Malaysia at the forefront of the international scientific community.