Rubberised Asphalt Technology Mission and Field Visits by Philippine Delegations

On 23rd and 24th November 2017, a technical visit on rubberised road was held by a Philippine delegation to the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB). The delegation was headed by Dr. Sitti Amina M. Jain from the Department of Trade and Industry as the National Rubber Industry Cluster Coordinator, Philippines. Also in this technical mission were officers and researchers from various related backgrounds such as the Department of Public Works & Highways, Construction Industry Authority, Department of Science and Technology and the Mindanao Development Authority.

The main purpose of the visit is to see the development and effectiveness of rubberised road technology developed by the MRB. This technical visit is a continuation of the technical mission of MRB with the Ministry of Plantation and Commodity Industries (MPIC) to the Philippines before, in which the Philippine government was keen to know more about this technology.

Through this visit, delegates had the opportunity to visit the Rubberrised Road Laboratory in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, which they were given a comprehensive explanation of this innovation. In addition, they also visited Asphalt Technologies Sdn Bhd and RICS Sdn Bhd, collaborative partners of MRB in developing this innovation.

Visit to MRB Sungai Buloh Rubberised Road Laboratory. Briefing by Dr Mazlina Mustafa Kamal

Visit to Asphalt Technology Sdn Bhd.

Visit to RICS Sdn Bhd.