MRB at International Conference on Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Sarawak (ICAAS 2017)

Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) participated in the Sarawak International Conference on Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (ICAAS) 2017 which was held on 21-22 August at the Borneo Convention Center, Kuching, Sarawak. The conference was officiated by YAB Chief Minister and attracted more than 1,000 participants and just about 2,000 exhibitors.

MRB was given two booths to showcase and expose various technologies developed to participants whom a majority of them comprising businessmen, government officials, entrepreneurs, IPT students and smallholders. The MRB booth focused on hands-on activities where there were 5 simultaneous demonstrations during the exhibition. The demonstration was divided into 2 parts, upstream and downstream. For the upstream demonstration, MRB showed proper tapping techniques and budding to visitors primarily consisting of smallholders and civil servants. While at the downstream sessions, rubber color demonstrations, balloon making and latex paintings have been successful in capturing the attention of young visitors.

In addition, both the YB Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak and Former Sarawak Chief Minister stopped by the MRB booth to personally view the activities underway. The Sarawak State Director had the opportunity to present MRB’s own latex painting to the Deputy Chief Minister to promote the technology.

The activities carried out at the booth were quite lively with never-ending visitors who tried and received the explanation from LGM officials on the various innovations developed by MRB.

One of the visitors drawing using the Getah color

A lot of visitors willing to lining up just to have the feeling on testing Getah color

Kids that visited the booth are so excited to try the balloon demonstration and latex painting activities

Sarawak MRB Director, En Ismail Ibrahim handed over the latex painting to Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister, YB Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas

Photo session of MRB staff together with Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister and Former Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister, YB Tan Sri Alfred Jabu