Sarawak Rubber Industry in Brief

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia covering an area of 124,449 sq km. Known as the Land of the Hornbills, Sarawak is one of two Malaysian states on the Island of Borneo. Sarawak is endowed with one of the richest and diverse ecosystems in the world. Sarawak is home to 28 ethnic groups with the Ibans forming the major ethnic group.

The total area under rubber in Sarawak is 158,471 hectares. The rubber planters are mainly smallholders.

Rubber production of Sarawak totals 79,900 tonnes in 2008.

Currently, there are 14 tyre retreading factories, 3 factories processing Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) and 4 licensed rubber nurseries.

Malaysian Rubber Board has a regional office located in Kucing, the capital city of Sarawak apart from one research station in Similajau dedicated to rubber forest plantation, a mini station at Niah and a branch office in Miri. Low Intensity Tapping System (LITS) advocated by LGM is practiced in 76 locations in Sarawak.