YB Minister of MPIC’s Programme in Perak

On 4th September 2020, YB Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Dato’ Dr. Mohd Khairuddin bin Aman Razali was on a working visit to the State of Perak to officiate two events hosted by the MRB, namely:

a. Launching of the RRIMniaga App for the State of Perak in Dato’ Maharajalela, Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN) Hall, Seri Iskandar
b. Opening Tapping Panel Ceremony for Getah Untuk Pribumi (GUP) participants in Kg. Sg. Perah, Parit, Perak

On Friday, 4th September 2020, YB Minister attended and officiated the launching of the RRIMniaga app for the State of Perak at the IKBN Hall Seri Iskandar Perak. Also present were Chairman of LGMPC Ustaz Ismi bin Mat Taib, YH Dato’ Dr. Zairossani bin Mohd Nor, Director General of MRB, Encik Azuan bin Adinan, Northern Regional Director of MRB and Perak Tengah District Officer Puan Rozalinawati bt. Che Rosli. About 200 people attended this event comprising rubber dealers in Perak, ADUN, government agencies officers, NGO and industry representatives.

The event began with a welcome speech from the Head of Information Technology Unit (UTM) En. Zaid bin Ahmad and a RRIMniaga briefing from UTM Officer, Mdm Nursaraliza bt Shamsul Bahri. During the Q&A session, Mr. Hasan bin Saadan, Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Malaysian Smallholders of Perak State requested MRB to organise more events like this for rubber dealers and smallholders. MRB took note of this and plans to organise such programmes in future.

YB Minister’s arrival at 1630 was welcomed by MRB DG. During his introductory speech, the MRB DG noted that out of 446 rubber dealers in Perak 42 had already used the app from June to September 2020. In his officiating speech, the Minister emphasised the importance of the app and the Government’s decision to make its usage compulsory by January 2021. He hopes that this event will further promote and introduce the app to all rubber dealers in Perak.

The programme progressed with the Opening Ceremony of the Rubber Notch Panel for Getah Untuk Pribumi (GUP) KOA Sg. Perah, Parit. GUP Sg. Perah is a project organised by MRB. The objective of this project is to introduce systematically planned rubber plantations to the Orang Asli community and further guidance through technological development methods so that they are capable of handling operations in their rubber plantations including latex exploitation, sales, scales and rubber sales. The goal is for them to exemplify practical reference for the surrounding Orang Asli community.

GUP Kg. Sg. Perah has 11 participants from the Semai tribe with 8 hectares of planted rubber. They are a part of the GUP participants in Perak totalling 132 participants with 85 hectares of planted rubber. Four (4) out of 11 participants were due to open their tapping panels in 2020. YB Minister had the opportunity to attend the event and mingle with participants and their families in addition to hands on experience tapping a rubber tree at the project demonstration plot before departing at 1830.

Guests of honour attending the launching of the RRIMniaga event

Event participants during the address by UTM

MRB Facilitator assisting event participants on usage of the RRIMniaga app

YB Minister delivering his address

YB Minister receiving a token of appreciation from MRB DG

YB Minister and entourage with GUP Kg Sungai Perah Parit Perak project participants

YB Minister’s arrival, welcomed by GUP LGM Kg Sungai Perah Parit Perak participants