Town Hall Programme with Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) No. 2/2020

A Town Hall programme (No. 2/2020) was held for the second time this year, with Director General of MRB in the 2nd week of August. The Town Hall session is an efficient and interactive platform which provides a dedicated channel for MRB employees to communicate directly with the management as well as share information and updates along with the opportunity to raise various questions and views.

The Town Hall programme was divided into two sessions. The first was a session with research officers (R&D) held at the Auditorium, Akademi Hevea Malaysia, Sg. Buloh, while the second session with officers (Non-R & D) was held at the Theatrette Hall, 2nd Floor, BGA. Both sessions focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ended with a Q&A session followed by meeting the chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Board.

YH Dato’ Dr Zairossani officiated the Town Hall Session

Q & A session with MRB Chairman

Q & A session with MRB Chairman

Q & A Session