Courtesy Visit By The Minister Of Plantation Industries and Commodities to The Kedah Chief Minister’s Office

YB Dato 'Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali, Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) paid a courtesy visit to the Kedah Chief Minister, YAB Haji Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor’s office on June 16, 2020.The visit was also graced by YB Tuan Willie Mongin (Deputy Minister of MPIC), YH Dato Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor (Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board) as well as senior officials of the Ministry and the MRB.

The meeting between leaders, officials of the central and state government was to discuss issues and challenges of the nation’s commodity industry and their respective roles in achieving the development agenda of the industry.

MPIC intends to develop the commodity industry in the state of Kedah through three main projects, namely, the development of rubber community plantations, the development of bamboo plantations in slumped areas and the expansion of nuclear farms for the production of kenaf seeds.

The integrated community plantation project is aimed at restructuring and centralising the country's rubber production area. The concept of this project is through the development of state government-owned land managed by state government institutions or entities with technical assistance from the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) and related agencies. Each project participant is expected to be able to earn a monthly income of up to almost RM2,000 as a result of this programme.

This meeting between the two key leaders of the federal government and the state government has opened a new chapter for the commodity industry in the state of Kedah that will be a catalyst for the country's agricultural sector.

Discussion on the issues and challenges of the national commodity industry

A photo session with Kedah Chief Minister