LGMPC Chairman Visit to the Northen Region of Malaysian Rubber Board

On 3 June 2020, the Northern Regional MRB office received a courtesy visit by Ustaz Muhammad Ismi bin Mat Taib, Chairman of LGMPC. A short briefing was presented by Mr Azuan bin Adinan, Director of the Northern Regional MRB office. Among MRB officers / staff involved in the briefing were Mr. Fadzil bin Ngadiman, Mr. Jamallullail bin Mohd Ali, Mr. Hafriz bin Rosselan, Mrs. Baizuri Annuar and Ms. Norfaziren Jamal Zaki.

The contents of the presentation by the Regional Director include the management of regional offices administration (Perak / Kedah / Perlis / Penang), staff and office management. Also presented were the objectives of the Northern Regional MRB office, the rubber industry information technology transfer activities, licensing and enforcement issues as well as the PAT-G and IPG status in the Northern Territory. The Regional Director also mentioned that MRB is one of the rubber-related agencies that deals directly with the implementing and nursery agencies at the state level.

Next, the Regional Director presented statistics of the rubber industry and technology transfer activities in the Northern Region, especially in Perak involving the Getah Untuk Pribumi (GUP) and technology transfer activities conducted at the MRB Mini Station (RRIMINIS Seri Iskandar).

The Chairman proposed for the RRIMNiaga system to be implemented as soon as possible to facilitate IPG claims among smallholders. The programme concluded with a tour of the Ipoh MRB office grounds.

Filling out the health screening forms for MRB officers and visitors provided at the Northern Regional MRB office inquiry counter

A briefing session on activities carried out in the Northern Regional MRB office

A photo session with the Chairman of LGMPC