Yb Mdm Teresa Kok (Minister Of Primary Industry) Visits “The Getah Untuk Pribumi Project (Gup) “ at Kg Tohor, Negeri Sembilan

On 3 January, 2020, Mdm Teresa Kok (Minister of Primary Industries) visited the Negeri Sembilan GUP at Kg Tohor. The visit was also graced by YBhg Datuk Sankara N Nair (Chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Board), accompanied by YH Dato’ Zairossani (Director General of The Malaysian Rubber Board).

The programme was initiated with an explanation from Dr Adam about the pestalotiopsisi disease and a demonstration of the treatment. After that, YBM was taken to the Rubber Learning Centre (RLC) which was officially opened back in 2012. Following the welcome address by YBM, a Q & A Session was held. Among questions addressed by YBM include the decline in rubber prices, the help of cooperative funds, and the growth of palm oil issues.

In response to the above questions, YBM explained the fact that the government has no authority in determining the price of rubber in Malaysia. The MRB explained that a cooperative can apply for a loan from AGRO Bank through MRB. The programme ended with a photo session including participants of GUP Kg Tohor.

Brieffing from Dr Adam about the rubber tree disease

Welcome address by YBM

Among the GUP participants who attended YBM’s visit

Q & A session