Physical Testing Laboratory of Malaysian Rubber Board provides a list of tests for Household/Industrial Gloves.

Testing of Household/Industrial Gloves
Type of Tests/Properties Measured
Standard Test Methods/Specificaions
1  Dimensions
2  Watertightness
3  Tension Set
4  Tensile Properties
5  Tensile Properties
      Before and After :
      a  Aging
      b  Cleanser Proof Test
      c  Oil Proof Test
      d  Acid Proof Test
      e  Alkaline Proof Test
JIS S2042-(1994)
1  Water Leakage BS EN 374-2:1994
1  Tear Resistance
2  Puncture resistance
3  Volume Resistivity
BS EN 388:2003
1  Dimensions
2  Water leakage
3  Tensile Properties
4  Ageing
ASTM D4679:2002
1  Puncture Resistance ASTM F1342-91 (1996)


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