11:59:47 PM Sunday, 25 October 2020
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Global Testing and Consultancy for Rubber (G-TACR)

G-TACR which is an acronym for Global Testing and Consultancy for Rubber (Figure 1) is the newly formed one stop centre for rubber at the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) under the NKEA project EPP#3 with the aim to increase world market share of latex gloves to 65% (RM30 billion) by year 2020. Under this project, MRB is responsible for the sub project E1 which is to consolidate MRB testing facilities for latex and latex based products in order to improve delivery system for commercial latex testing services offered by the MRB.


Figure 1. Logo of Global Testing and Consultancy for Rubber (G-TACR).

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A. Mission & Vision

To be a Global Centre of Excellence for testing of rubber and rubber based products as well as calibration of testing equipment

To enhance the competitiveness and viability of the Malaysian rubber sector in a global environment through effective and efficient testing and calibration services

B. Client Charter

The tested samples completed within the prescribed time subjected to the conditions of samples and status of the instrument:

  1. Routine sample* – within 14 working days
  2. Non-routine sample** – more than 14 working days onward as required

* Routine sample means sample received with no queue.
** Non-routine sample means sample received with samples already in the queue, sample requiring multiple specialized analysis, sample requiring conditioning or amount of sample received exceed maximum daily capacity.

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