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Senior Management

  Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor, DDG (R&I) of MRB  
YBhg. Dato' Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor
Dr Amir Hashim Md Yatim, Director of Technology & Engineering Dr Hj Suarni Sumormo, DDG (P&O) of MRB
Research & Innovation
Dr Amir Hashim Md Yatim
Policy & Operations / CIO
Dr Hj Suarni Sumormo
- Dr Faridah Hanim Ab Hanan, Director of Quality & Technical Services Dr Mohd Nasaruddin Mohd Aris, Director of Production Development Tuan Mohamad Tuan Muda, Director of Production Development Division Ang Chai Seng, Director of Economics & Rubber Exchange Division Azhan Haris Ajidan, Director of Licensing, Enforcement & Support Services Division
Technology & Engineering Quality & Technical Services Production Development Extension & Development Economics & Rubber Exchange Licensing, Enforcement & Support Services
- Dr Faridah Hanim Ab Hanan Dr Mohd Nasaruddin Mohd Aris Tuan Mohamad Tuan Muda Ang Chai Seng Azhan Haris Ajidan

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