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The MRB Rubber Product Certification System

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MRB Rubber Product Certification System

World trade is getting increasingly competitive, and consumers and purchasers of products want an assurance on the quality, reliability and safety of products they acquire. Likewise, regulatory authorities need an assurance that products covered by legislation meet the claims on which they are based, as well as concerns regarding the protection of the environment. One way of providing this assurance is through product certification, whereby a third party provides an independent assurance that a product meets a national or international standard or specification. The MRB Product Certification System for rubber products is such a system which provides this assurance of conformity under the authority of MALAYSIAN RUBBER BOARD (INCORPORATION) ACT 1996 (ACT 551). This product certification system operates under the auspices of the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), which is an agency under the Ministry of Primary Industries. The MRB is funded by a combination of a cess on rubber exported from Malaysia, and contributions by the Malaysian Government.

The system grants permit to rubber product manufacturers to use the MRB Product Certification Mark, in addition to a Certificate of Conformity, on their products which conform to standards or specification. Continued conformance is assured through regular surveillance auditing of the products and their suppliers. The product certification system is generally voluntary in nature, although regulatory requirements may make it mandatory for certain products.

The MRB will endeavour to use ISO system No. 5 as the certification scheme as far as possible. Under this system or equivalent, certification is granted only if the product meets with the specified standard/specification and there is a proper quality management system to ensure continuous compliance with the standard or specification. Other certification schemes may also be developed to suit the circumstances.

Why Certification?

Advantages of product certification include:
  • With emphasis on competition of international trade based on quality, price, delivery and service, the presence of a certification Mark of conformity on a product serves as evidence of conformance to specified standards or specification, and assurance of quality.
  • The presence of the Mark serves to differentiate against products which are not certified, and hence be used as a marketing and promotional tool. The image of the manufacturer will be enhanced.
  • No repeat testing of products is necessary by the purchaser or consumer.
  • Regulatory authorities will have confidence in products which carry the certification Mark which attest to their quality, reliability and safety.

Scope of certification
Product Status Specific Application
Standard Malaysian Glove (SMG) Accredited to ISO 17065
EKOPRENA To be accredited
Fertilizer for Rubber Cultivation To be accredited
Surgical Glove To be accredited
Air Brake Hose To be accredited
Bituminous Cuplump (BC) To be accredited
Cuplump Modified Bitumen (CMB) To be accredited
Inner Tube To be accredited
How to go about getting certified?

Rubber product manufacturers seeking certification with the MRB should contact the MRB Product Certification Secretariat, addressed below, on the certification scheme available, fees payable, the application and certification process, and rules and regulations regarding the certification system and schemes/programs:

Syuhaizat Md Ali

RRIM Research Station
Malaysian Rubber Board

47000 Sungai Buloh

Tel: 03 6145 9400/9469/9415/9421/9417
Fax: 03 6157 6525

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