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MRB Application System

*System uses a Single Sign-On using Active Directory Account
Online Depository System for RnD
*Online Depository System for RnD
This system serves as a central repository for all research related information. It also helped the process of monitoring for all R& D projects.
Online Depository System for Services
*Online Depository System for Services
This system is for the use of MRB officer to record all daily tasks and services projects by year.
EClaim System
Electronic system that enable the users i.e staff to make local & overseas travelling claim, advances and overtime claim. It integrates with MRB Payroll system and Accounting system.
Human Resource Portal
Provide all the information regarding Human Resource such as guideline, PTK, training schedule and downloadable forms.
Licensing Information System
A licencing system for processing new application of licences, renewal, termination and changes in particular licences.
Automatic Bank Reconciliation for CESS Collection
This system assist the Account Unit to manage the cess collection and it will automatically reconcile the cess account.
Rubber Export Permit Information System
To ensure all the information on the Rubber Export Permit can be accessible quickly and to help the trading partners to get information about import and export rubber in Malaysia.
Rubber Price Determination System
This system helps the Malaysian Rubber Exchange Unit to calculate the rubber prices based on quotation by Price Advisory Panel. All the latest rubber prices will be automatically update into MRB’s Official Portal.
Tender & Quotation System
This system helps the Admin Unit to publish the latest tender & quotation into MRB’s Official Portal. This system will automatically display the active tender & quotation based on the closing date.
e-Rubber Manufacturer System
This system was developed to store consumption of rubber data. It allows the rubber manufacturer to declare their purchase and usage of rubber and rubber product wastes online. The system also allows MRB to monitor and supervise via on-line the manufacturers and rubber traders to comply to the MRB regulations.
ICT Complaint Management System
This system helps the IT Unit to manage all the ICT complaint in MRB.
This system helps the Economic Unit to upload the latest MRB’s Digest into MRB’s Official Portal.
Lab Information Management System for Dry Rubber Content (DRC-eLiMS)
This system simplifies and hastens the issuance of DRC test results as well as minimizes human error through the use of an automated work process.
This system was developed to store the survey data of the smallholders and their smallholdings involved with the LITS3 scheme. e-LITS3 is also capable to generate the reports that can help the researchers and the Steering committee to make quick decisions.
e-WorksOrder System
This system helps Support Service & Engineering Unit to manage all the work orders that need to be done by that unit.
Asset Management System (SPPA)
The system is tailor made for a total management of MRB’s assets and inventories as required by Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bil 5/2007. It covers aspects of asset/inventories management such as receipt, registration, usage, safe-keep, verification, maintenance, lost and write-off.
eMRE Ordinary Membership System
This system can expedite the application process to be a member of the MRE and the approval process of an application.
An internet based system/program developed by MRB to analyze Proficiency Testing Program (Cross check) data. The novelty feature of the system is the ability to treat the outlier data.
eMaklum System
This system was develop to expedite the process of informing the status of bill payments to suppliers via fax and email .
e-Quality Management System (e-QMS)
e-Quality Management System
The e-Quality Management System was develop to support quality document management in MRB's implementation of MS ISO 9001:2008.

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