A5 Program (Industrial Support Program)

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About the Program

It is a collaborative programme between Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC), UK and MRB, Sg Buloh. The Programme offers Malaysian rubber product manufacturers- a free and confidential support or assistance at specified time with day to day product and process issues. The Program aims to improve the Productivity, Efficiency and Quality of rubber Products Manufacturing in Malaysia. The program involves interactive visits between 1 to 3 days to a company depending on the nature of manufacturing problem; to assist in meeting the need of the customers both internal and in export market. The A5 team includes personnel with experience in the rubber manufacturing industry from Malaysia and the UK to provide assistance in:

  • Compound/ process optimisation
  • Identification of causes leading to high scrap rates
  • Analysis of defect parts and root cause investigation
  • Identifying areas for improvements and offer hands-on technical solutions to improve current manufacturing practices.
  • Minimizing manufacturing waste and reducing costs.
  • Cost/ Energy saving ideas
  • Educating the workforce on good manufacturing practices.
  • New information/ knowledge sharing
  • Possible business matching

The program which is on either request or invitation basis has been started since 2010. There were more than 40 companies have participated in the program; comprising of rubber product manufacturers, retreaders, extrusion and profile manufacturers, custom compounders, footwear and latex product manufacturers:

Some of the common problem areas identified include:

  • Man and machine idle time
  • Reworking incorrectly
  • Excessive materials handling
  • Hidden scrap costs
  • Variation in compound viscosities and cure rates
  • Dispersion problems
  • Lack of understanding of problems
  • Over formulating

We promise:

  • Our programme is CONFIDENTIAL. Anything discussed during our visits will never be divulged to any other company. We have to openly share information.
  • The visit/ consultation/ sharing is FREE. Any improvement, solution, cost savings identified are 100% for the benefit of the participant. All it costs you is your time.
  • However, the progress/ further work (if any), may or may not involve some cost maybe on testing, analysis, etc.


  • Help to increase from 57% to 100% productivity which save estimated of RM 200,000 a year of o-ring production.
  • Save 70% of waste material per day during production at one of the site technical visit to the manufacturer.
  • An estimated cost saving of RM 70,000.00 a year to one of the automotive part manufacturers, following the successful problem solving carried out.
  • 80% reduction in camelback rework and saving of RM 80,000.00 per year due to advised mixing procedures for a company.
  • One research project to assist a manufacturer in reapplication of the waste material from the manufacturing process hence assisting in reducing their dumping cost.
  • Arrange 1 trader from Europe to meet with 4 companies in 2015.
  • Organizing an A5 Industrial Workshop and 2 Rubber Clinics in 2015 where 5 overseas companies have given talks to over 120 participants from 42 different local companies.

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