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A5 Program

Technical Advisory Services (TAS)Contact
Technical Advisory Services (TAS)

MRB has introduced an interactive TAS called the A5 Program. The Program aims to improve the Productivity, Efficiency and Quality of rubber Products Manufacturing in Malaysia. The program involve interactive visits for about 3 to 5 days to a company to assist the Malaysian rubber products manufacturers in meeting the need of their customers both internal and in export market. The visit by experiences officers from the MRB will assist the company by:

  • Identifying areas for improvements and offer hands-on technical solutions to improve current manufacturing practices.
  • Transferring emerging technologies as they become available.
  • Broadening product base using existing equipment.
  • Minimizing manufacturing waste and reducing costs.
  • Educating the workforce on good manufacturing practices.

This 'holding hand' program is on request basis. Since the project started in 2004, a total of 46 manufacturers have participated in this A5 program. The 46 manufacturers consist of retreaders, IRG/GRG manufacturers, extrusion and profile manufacturers, custom compounders, footwear and latex product manufacturers:

Some of the common problem areas identified includes:

  • Man and machine idle time
  • Reworking incorrectly
  • Excessive materials handling
  • Hidden scrap costs
  • Variation in compound viscosities and cure rates
  • Dispersion problems
  • Lack of understanding of problems
  • Over formulating

The program has benefited the manufacturers participated. Through this program, five IRG/GRG manufacturers have gain / expand export contracts worth more than RM10 million in 2006 and estimated RM15million in 2007.

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