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  • 14Pengurniaan Darjah Kebesaran Panglima Setia Mahkota (P.S.M)
  • 9Sistem Pendaftaran Permit Autoriti Transaksi Getah (PAT-G)
  • 2Automatic Rubber Tapping System (ARTS)
  • 3Latex Collection Vehicle (LCV)
  • 4Soil Filling Machine (Sofil)
  • 5Planting Machine (PMac)
  • 6Global Testing and Consultancy for Rubber (G-TACR)
  • 7Rubber Information and Traceability System (RiTeS)
  • 8Rubber Clone Recognition and Identification System
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Bantuan Musim Tengkujuh (BMT): Online Application    New!
Bantuan Musim Tengkujuh (BMT): Application Form    New!
Form: Registration of Immature Rubber Area    New!
Permit Autoriti Transaksi - Getah (PAT-G): Application Form    New!
Permit Autoriti Transaksi - Getah (PAT-G): Permohonan secara online PAT-G ditutup - Perlu mohon di pejabat LGM terdekat    New!
Malaysian Rubber Digest: September 2017 issue now available for viewing    New!
Price Chart: Poster on Trends of SMR 20 Prices and Market Factors    New!
Presentation Slides: Updates on Standard Malaysian Rubber(SMR) and SMR Laboratory Integration System (SLIS)    New!
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ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC) Meetings In Conjunction With Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE) Annual Dinner On 6 October 2017 In Pulau Pinang ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC) Meetings In Conjunction With Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE) Annual Dinner On 6 October 2017 In Pulau Pinang
In conjunction with the Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE) Dinner that was held on 6th October 2017, the ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC) had organized two meetings: 23rd Assembly of the ARBC and the 19th Meeting of the Technical Committee on Contract Matters (TCCM) at The Wembley Hotel, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang on 7th October 2017.
MRE celebrates 55th Anniversary MRE celebrates 55th Anniversary
In conjunction with its 55th anniversary, the Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE) organized its Annual Dinner on 6 October 2017 at The Wembley Hotel, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. The response was overwhelming as about 700 representatives of the rubber industry and their guests attended the function.
Getah Untuk Pribumi (GUP)
GUP Perak Pahang Melaka Negeri Sembilan Johor Kelantan Sabah Sarawak
MRB's Technologies
Global Testing & Consultancy for Rubber Rubber Information & Traceability System Sofil Latex Collection Vehicle (LCV) Planting Machine (PMac) Rubber Clone Recognition and Identification System (i-klon)
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